GENEVE – HLM ends in 2019 ? Ask for a rent reduction for January 1st 2020!

The state regulations over the rents in your building (HLM) terminates on December 31st 2019 ?

Ask for a rent reduction !


During the last few years, thousands of tenants in Geneva, in a similar situation to yours today, were able to obtain rent reductions as high as 30%, based on a yield calculation. This year, it’s your turn ! Don’t be the only one who misses out ! Afterwards, it will be too late…

We strongly recommend that you consult ASLOCA without delay. Most tenants have a deadline at the end of September 2019 to ask for a rent reduction (the letter must be in possession of the regie at this date).

Lawyers of our association can examine your situation and assist you with any legal procedure.

François Zutter, ASLOCA Genève